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Plasson Poultry Waterers and Watering Systems

The Plasson Breeder Drinker has become the ďStandard of the IndustryĒ for breeders, layers, turkeys and game birds.

  • Made of smooth, high-impact polypropylene which allows no pitting and prevents rust, corrosion, and bacteria build up. Operates on low water pressure, is self cleaning, keeps litter dry and medication is easily distributed.

  • With independent ballast bottle and valve mechanism, fresh water is always available. Valve is activated when as little as 2 ounces of water is consumed.

  • 8 to 10 drinkers will serve 1,000 layers and 10-12 drinkers serve 1,000 breeders, turkeys and game birds.

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Plasson Broiler Drinkers provide excellent water distribution from day old chicks through grow-out. Trough lip is mini-drinker height in free-standing position. May be looped in series for brooding.

  • Suspended drinker with independent ballast bottle and valve mechanism works to replace consumed water with constant level of fresh water. As little as 1/3 ounce of consumed water activates the system.

  • In-line shut-off allows independent water control, especially useful for breeding. Simple valve mechanism utilizes a minimum of moving parts for simple, low maintenance operation.

  • Its compact design allows for snug ceiling winching giving greater clearance for working in the barn.

  • 8 to 10 drinkers recommended per 1,000 birds.

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  • An improved compact model with a significantly smaller surface, it contains all of Plassonís unique characteristics and benefits, plus itís easy to clean, thereby cutting down on labor - an important feature for enhanced profitability.

  • Ensures a constant water level and a dry floor. Redesigned with a deeper trough, it easily accommodates adult turkeys, ducks or geese and keeps the floor drier. Once birds drink as little as 1/3 ounce (10grams) of water, this highly sensitive and maintenance free system is activated. An independent ballast bottle suspension eliminates strain on sensitive valve mechanism and prevents swinging in order to assure a dry floor

  • Incorporates a bayonet-based bell, a special handle hook and an efficient stacking design. Combine all these factors and you have a system that is easy to ship and install.

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  • The Plasson Drinker features a large bell lip and heavy duty spring designed especially to accommodate large adult turkeys, ducks or geese. Lip design eliminates water spillage, keeps litter dry.

  • Made of rugged high-impact plastic, itís able to withstand the abuse of adult birds for many years.

  • Like other Plasson drinkers, the unique feature of the Plasson Adult Drinker is the ballast bottle which acts independently of the bell, eliminating wear on the valve mechanism and providing a constant flow of fresh water.

  • Works on low pressure: 6-8 psi for optimum efficiency.

  • 10 to 12 drinkers recommended per 1,000 adult birds.

* Breeder drinkers can be easily converted to Adult Drinker by replacing the breeder drinker bell and spring with the Adult Bell and Spring.

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Parts Files (pdf format)

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